Correctional Services

From the Carolina’s through the Southeast

Blue Ridge Pharmacy specializes in medication and pharmacy services to correctional and mental health facilities throughout the Southeast. Founded in 2005 in Asheville, North Carolina, Blue Ridge Pharmacy tailors its services to meet the needs of your facility. Whether small or large, every facility receives the small level of attention and customer services that is expected. You are not just a number with us, you are a valued client.

Our correctional team is led by experts who have been in the correctional pharmacy space for years. Our experience allows us to design and implement a pharmacy services platform that fits your needs. Blue Ridge Pharmacy offers multiple different medication packaging types which contributes significantly to being able to customize your services. Blue Ridge Pharmacy is a full-service pharmacy available 24/7 to ensure your needs are met.


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Specialty, Compounding, and Infusion

Through Blue Ridge Pharmacy’s sister companies, you have direct access to Specialty Pharmacy, Compounding and Infusion Services, Blue Ridge’s own delivery fleet, Clinical Services, and many other services. We believe in owning the entire pharmacy experience so that we can control each aspect of our services and provide you with the best care possible.

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