Family & Residents

At Blue Ridge Pharmacy, we offer unparalleled pharmacy service and expertise.

We support more than 10,000 residents from three pharmacy locations across the southeast with a team of people who make patient care their top priority.

Please feel free to reach out to us if you have any questions or require any assistance. We love hearing from residents and families!

Learn more about what sets Blue Ridge Pharmacy apart.

Illustration of hand holding monthly statements with calculator, pills, and magnifying glass

Insurance and Pricing

We are contracted with all Medicare Part D and over 99% of Commercial insurance plans.

We offer the following:

  • Monthly statements
  • Co-pays that are comparable to all major long-term care pharmacies
  • Medicare Part D open enrollment assistance

Resident Care

Our team takes resident care seriously, and it shows.
We separate ourselves by being:


Nothing is worse than calling your healthcare provider and being picked up by someone in a call center. Our pharmacy staff is there for our facilities and residents, 24/7/365.


We believe in the worth and dignity of each resident in our care, and we only hire and retain people who honor that commitment.


We’ve created systems that result in greater than 99.9% accuracy across all pharmacy locations. You can count on us to deliver the right dose for every resident we serve.

pharmacist on telephone smiling and writing on a pad